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Kanpachi Risotto with Amaroso Sauce

baja kanpachi risotto in white porthole.

(serves 8)

Balsamic Caper Sauce:

- 4 fl oz Capers (including juice)

- 24 fl oz White Wine

- 48 fl oz White Balsamic Dressing

- 1 fl oz creamed Garlic

- add 8 lbs of 1 1/2 diced Hothouse Tomatoes - bring to a simmer with sauce.

Kampachi Fillets:

- 25x 3-4 oz Kampachi fillets (lay out on baking tray with salt/pepper and a brush of garlic butter). Bake at 500 degrees F.

4 K Risotto:

- 72 fl oz Fish Stock

- 16 fl oz Parmesan Cheese

- 1 qt 1/4 diced Tomato

- 4 fl oz Lemon Juice

- 8 fl oz Dill (chopped)

Simmer/stir in pot. Divide the Balsamic capper sauce out onto the platters. Place 3 fillets roast Kanpachi slices over down the center. Sprinke with chopped parsley. Serve and enjoy!

Baja Kanpach Risotto (moble)
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Kanpachi Sashimi with Citrus Ginger Sauce

baja kanpachi sashimi in white porthole.

(serves 8)

Citrus Ginger Sauce (yields 8 fl oz):

- 30g oil

- 25g ginger

- 10g garlic

- 100g orange juice

- 25g lemon juice

- 25g lime juice

- 25g Ponzu

- 10g Honey

Slice the Kanpachi back loins into almost paper thin coins at an angle and lay 12 slices out on medium plates. Dress the loins very lightly with the citrus ginger sauce. Serve with some wasabi and pickled ginger.

Baja Kanpachi Sashimi (mobile)
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baja kanpachi sashimi tacos in white por

(serves 8)

Sriracha Aioli (yields 24 fl oz):

- 450g Mayonnaise

- 115g Sour Cream

- 60g Sriracha Sauce

- 30g Lemon Juice

- 1 1/2 T Koscher Salt

Egg Roll Cups:

- place egg roll wrapper in deep fryer. After about 5 seconds it should begin floating. Remove from deep fryer and use 3 oz ladle to form the egg roll wrapper into a cup shape (note: the edges of the wrapper should be just at or below the surface of the shortening. If you push it in too deep the edges will come up too high and not form an "open flower" shape. You want the edges to come our parallel so that you get proper plate coverage.). Hold down in the shortening for approximately 45 seconds then place upside down to drain.

Sesame Kampachi Sashimi:

- one loin should be enough for this step (need 28-30 oz of Kampachi after searing)

- cover Kampachi 1/4 loin with black and white sesame seeds, pushing them into the flesh for complete coverage (75g of seeds will cover 1.37kg kampachi).

- sear the Kampachi in a large frying pan over high heat starting with 1/12 fl oz to 2 fl oz of oil. If the loin will not fit fully in the pan, cut it in half across and place both sections in the pan.

- make sure there is enough oil under each section to brown quickly and fully. Add a little more oil every time you turn the Kampachi. There are three sides to brown.

- sear approximately 1 minute per side. The White Sesame seeds should turn nice and golden.

- Season the outside of each section with 1 t each of Kosher Salt and Coarse Pepper just before you turn that section down into the oil.

Place the following inside a fried egg roll wrapper (from the bottom up):

- #60 Scoop of Guacamole

- 1 oz Cole Slaw mix tossed with 1/2 T Cole Slaw Dressing

- #60 scoop Pico de Gallo (drained)

- 1 oz slice prepared Sesame Kampachi Sashimi

- 1/2 T Siracha Aioli

- 1 leaf of Cilantro 

Kanpachi Sashimi Tacos

Baja Kanpachi Seared Tacos (mobile)
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