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We've been selling their product weekly to some of the best tables and chefs in town. The demand for Kanpachi is growing! 

Omega Blue Seafood, LLC

So good!

Zooey Deschannel, Season 1, Episode 1 of Your Food's Roots

We toured their hatchery and swam in the deep water pens in the Sea of Cortez with adult Baja Kanpachi. We had heard that fish farms were crowded, unhealthy, and that the fish were living in their own refuse and being treated with antibiotics and hormones to ward off disease, parasites, and bacteria. We also know that the large deep-water fish that we love to eat, like tuna, contain dangerous levels of mercury and can also contain plastics, whereas fish such as these Baja Kanpachi can be raised with little to none. We began to understand why this special new method of farming deserves attention.

Jess Barron, Editor-in-Chief of LIVESTRONG.COM

I'm using their product in two courses because I couldn't limit it to one.

Chef Tu David Phu

Kanpachi has a very clean, rich flavor. It also has a nutty flavor and quality on the pallet. Firm texture makes it the ideal choice for sushi and sashimi. While delicious raw, Kanpachi is beloved by chefs for it's versatility in the kitchen, where it is just as outstanding for grilling, poaching, sauteeing or searing.

Chef Calvin Canlas

The only thing more delightful than cooking it, is eating it!

Chef Chuck, Mahony & Sons

The flavor profile is sweet. You can sear it, you can bake it, you can poach it, you can make sashimi out of it, and its just fool-proof. There's no lactic acid buildup in it, its never been stressed out so it really shows in the flavor... its just the best fish that anyone can use.

Cody Bryan Requejo, Co-Founder and Executive Chef of Omega Blue

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