Kanpachi Cuts

Waste Not, Want Not...
At Omega Azul, we're firm believers that if possible, no part of an animal should go to waste. That's why we're proud to show you, just how much you can get out of just one Baja Kanpachi® fish. Click the video to the right to see Chef Cody of Omega Blue Seafoods demonstrate how properly break down a Baja Kanpachi® (see our youtube channel for the full demo). Scroll down to view our Kanpachi Cuts chart which features our recomendations for various cuts of fish and the type of dishes they work best in. Bon appétit!
Get the most out of your fish. Here are some suggestions for choice Kampachi cuts:
Chef Cody of Omega Blue Seafood demonstrates how to breakdown a whole Baja Kanpachi®.

Shoulder Portion

Best for sashimi, grilling, roasting, pan-fry, smoking, steaming, poaching, curing and deep frying.



Best for pan frying, grilling and roasting.


Center Portion

Best cut across a scaled, pin-boned fillet. Great for crispy skin roasting and pan frying.



Cut directly through a whole gilled, gutted and scaled fish. Best for grilling, baking, pan frying or braising.


Tail Fillet

Best for sushi-maki, tartare, grilling, deep frying and pan frying.


Belly Fillet

Best for sashimi, tartare, grilling, roasting, curing and smoking. Baja Kanpachi® belly cuts bring the natural oils to the surface and helps to break down the outer layer of sinu or connective tissue, revealing supple texture and flavor.


Whole Fillet

Best for roasting, poaching, streaming and smoked (hot or cold).



Best for braising, frying and curry.


Whole Kampachi Fish

Best for roasting, poaching and steaming.


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