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It took a lot of hard work to get to where we are today. Here's our story...

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We've always had a passion for seafood. When we first began our venture into aquaculture in 2000, commercial fishing in North America was already experiencing challenges (e.g. collapse of Atlantic Cod and other industries in 1990s, ever increasing public demand that was not being met, general lack of sustainability for many fisheries, etc); and we saw aquaculture as a fantastic alternative with immense potential for long-term sustainability.

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First we had to look at which species would be the best suited for our operation. Cold water aquaculture was already well established in North America at this time - and while effective, we felt it was limited in certain aspects (e.g. growth rates tend to be slower). We then turned our attention to warm water species and soon found several prime candidates. The next step would inevitably be to scout for locations with the right conditions. We quickly realized that the Gulf of California was the perfect environment for what we had envisioned. This began our now 17 year long journey into aquaculture in Baja California Sur.

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In the early years, we didn't have a hatchery. Essentially, we were not 'fish farmers' but rather 'fish ranchers' - catching juveniles out in the open ocean and 'wrangling' them back to our cages at the site. We then grew them to market size and then harvested and sold them. It was a successful operation, but lacked the full control over production that only a hatchery with its own broodstock can provide. We were always at the mercy of the ocean.

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In 2010 we constructed our very own hatchery and stocked it with wild-caught brood stock of the highest quality the Gulf had to offer. We were no longer 'fish ranchers' but now 'fish farmers' with complete control of the production cycle (which now meant year round production with the ability to produces as many fish as needed).

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Baja Kanpachi prepared by Pacific Catch

In 2016, Omega Azul S. de R.L. de C.V. was established to market and sell our high quality seafood products.

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Fast forward to today - Omega Azul's Baja Kanpachi is being very well received with fantastic feedback from customers. We look forward to another successful year and hope that 2021 sees even more growth!

Chef Rick Bayless and Chef Cody Requejo
Chef Curtis Stone Holding Baja Kanpachi
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Chef Wolfgang Puck and Chef Eric Garner
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